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Жумабекова Б. К., Рамазанова А. С.,


At the initiative of the Head of the state N. Nazarbayev, the country implemented a unique project – the Trinity of languages: Kazakh, Russian and English. This goal is a lot of scientific-methodical work. Identify factors and reasons of actualization of multilingual education, formed the conceptual and terminological Fund of theoretical-methodological conceptualisation of multilingual education, identifies the theoretical foundations of multilingual education are textbooks, manuals and other methodological support for multilingual education projects for scientific and methodological support of polylingual education as a pedagogical innovation, attempts have been made to improve the regulatory framework of multilingual education.

In this regard, the textbook “Biogeocenology in English” was developed. The goal of this project is to familiarize students with the basic concepts koncepcije problems of biogeocenotic, the formation of students‘ scientifi c knowledgе and creating conditions for learning the content in English, Kazakh and Russian languages.

The textbook “Biogeocenology in English” prepared in accordance with the working curriculum, the catalog of elective disciplines, the content of working curricula for the course “Biogeocenology in the English language” for specialty 5В011300-Biology.

The tutorial consists of 5 Units and 15 Chapters. The number of chapters of educational material corresponds to the number of weeks of training on the credit system.

The textbook includes: lectures, test questions for each subject, homework, Glossary to each Chapter, key phrases, topics for discussion in seminars, laboratory work, English-Kazakh-Russian terminological dictionary, and includes a list of recommended literature. Tasks for independent work рrepared on Bloom’s taxonomy. In the manual of the used tables, charts, figures, diagrams that make it easier to learn the material.

The textbook is intended for students and teachers and all those interested in the structure and functioning of ecosystems, and also very convenient for students enrolled in the English language.

The textbook is prepared in the framework of University project of the Pavlodar state pedagogical Institute “Methodological support of polylingual teaching in the training of future teachers of biology”, 2016”.

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