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The undertaken analysis consistently testifies in favour of our concept of macro-microinfinity of the world. Matter is eternal substance, infinite in its displays, characteristics, and stages of development, and this infinity is natural for both macro and micro levels.

In its structure matter has no limit at microlevel. It includes discreet (more undivided) substances at a certain level of matter. These substances are the smallest “units” or “first bricks” of a certain type of matter according to criterion of its substantial component. At the same time, “units” represent beginning of a new type of matter. Thus, we can suggest that fermions and quantums of electromagnetic field that are considered the most undivided nowadays, include whole universes with all known forms of matter in them.

At macrolevel matter also has no limit in its structure. As the same time, it is possible that the observed Universe or part of Universe is also a certain elementary particle that forms a foundation of a certain Macroworld substance.

With this work we set a foundation for re-evaluating a number of basic physical theories and philosophic categories. It concerns theory of physical fields and their consolidation, Big Bang theory, dark matter and dark energy, superluminous movement, information, convergent nature of development and others.

Within the frame of our concept foundation is put to create a new division in physics of elementary particles “Subphoton mechanics”. Theoretic foundation for construction of biophysical model of emotions and thinking are developed.

Thus, ways out of the current crisis of physical science, as well as other areas of science that study consciousness and other psychic phenomenons, are defined as well as mechanisms that form their foundation.

Further we suggest using the concept of macro-microinfinity of the world as a carcass for fundamental human knowledge and creating Theoretic and experimental scientific philosophy at its basis. It is implied that it will embrace Marksist dialectics, specific-universal theory of development, and concept of macro-microinfinity of the world, developed up to its logic conclusion. The objective of theoretic and experimental scientific philosophy will become not only generalization and analysis of knowledge, received from different branches of science, but also definition of their development line.

Major theoretic predictions in concept of macro-microinfinity of the world concern suggestions of existing two new forms of matter (and corresponding types of them): Subphoton matter and Cybermatter (Above-metagalactic system). Existence of these matters also implies presence of new types of physical field (fundamental interactions). Among them the most perspective direction in terms of researching and discovering is subphoton interaction. In includes interactions between particles of subphoton matter, from its large formations, similar to galaxies and clusters of them in Our (photon) matter, and to quantum of subphoton matter, similar to our photon. We assume a name for this quantum – phyton.

A special interest in terms of researching is represented by Cybermatter (Above-metagalactic system as type of matter) that includes the observed and not observed Universe as a fundamental foundation of Macroworld. By cybermatter we also imply a new form of matter, superior in relation to social form of matter.

In accordance to our concept, social form of matter is not the highest and utmost matter in terms of development. It is followed by higher forms of matter. Modern human, their consciousness, society, and our whole civilization is only at the beginning of transition towards postsocial form of matter.

Discovering and mastering subphoton energy, using it in practical purpose will change the modern world to unrecognizability. Along with it human will change as well, their image, fundamental needs, abilities, and interests, economic basis of society, and its superstructure.

All of it together will result in birth of new matter form that differs qualitatively from the modern social form of matter. It is implied that representatives of cybermatter will also differ from modern people, just as modern people differ from animals.

The currently existing theoretic and practical development will allow us to create in the nearest future a new complex of industry, directed towards studying psychic phenomenons, mastering mechanisms of photon matter self-assembly from subphoton matter. Such industry will allow us to create various technical means, designed to solve numerous problems of modern society. To them we refer all possible diseases, criminality, economic dependence on private property for means of production that form a foundation of poverty and property differentiation, as well as other problems, hardly solvable at the moment. Explanation to these concepts was provided by us in other monographs[362], and we also plan to develop the pointed ideas in our further works.

Studying consciousness and its abilities opens new horizons in matter development. Human labour really is a core of evolution and progress. It is connected to development and change in structure of brain (first of all, it refers to neurochemical systems), emergence of high energy level with human, and, along with all that, development of new abilities that open new goals, abilities, and ways of achieving them.

Without a doubt, all positions of the world macro-microinfinity concept can only be confirmed by time. In this aspect we outline the following steps:

1. According to observation over motion of galaxies, even today it seems possible to model an image of coagulating the observed and nor observed part of the Universe into a fundamental unit of Macroworld.

2. In process of work, aimed to create artificial intelligence, a possibility should emerge that will allow us to register subphoton radiation at the basis of reproducing analogues to emotional biosystem centers.

3. Experimentally-established subphoton radiation will open wide perspective in observing the world of elementary particles and establishing its structure.

4. The created apparatus means, based upon subphoton radiation will enhance our abilities to observe other galactic and out-of-galactic objects and thus allow us to confirm or disprove concepts of macro-microinfinity of the world.

5. Discovering and mastering subphysical matter will allow the humanity to transit towards a new stage of its development. Transition towards postsocial forms of matter is only possible after mastering subphysical reality.

We hope that in nearest future many works and practical inventions will emerge that will confirm, specify, and develop different theoretic concepts of this monograph.

The main hypothesis of this work and specific hypothesis are confirmed.

The objective of work is achieved.

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