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1. What is the volume of distribution of a drug if the amount administered intravenously is 100 mg and the initial plasma concentration is 10 mg/L?

2. What is the clearance of a drug if Kel is 0,1 minute–1 and the volume of distribution is 100 L?

3. What is the loading dose of digoxin for an adult if it has a volume of distribution of 7,3 L/kg, the plasma concentration needed is 1,5 mg/L, F = 0,62?

4. Drug X has a narrow therapeutic index: the minimum toxic plasma concentration is 150 mg/L while the minimum therapeutic plasma concentration is 100 mg/L. The half-life is 6 hours. It is essential to maintain the plasma concentration above the minimum therapeutic level. What would be the most appropriate dosing regimen?

5. The pharmacokinetics of theophylline includes the following average parameters: Vd = 35 L; Cl = 48 mL/min; half-life = 8 hours. If an intravenous infusion of theophylline is started, how long will it take to approach a steady-state plasma level, i.e., 93,75 % of final steady-state?

6. Mr. Jones is admitted to General Hospital with pneumonia due to gram-negative bacteria. The antibiotic tobramycin is ordered. The Cl and Vd of tobramycin in Mr. Jones are 80 mL/min and 40 L, respectively. What maintenance dosage must be administered intravenously every 6 hours to eventually obtain average steady-state plasma concentrations of 4 mg/L?

7. If you wish to give Mr. Jones (of previous task) a loading dose to achieve the therapeutic plasma concentration of 4 mg/L immediately, how much should you give?

8. A patient with myocardial infarction has a severe cardiac arrhythmia. A continuous IV infusion of lidocaine, 1,92 mg/min, was started at 8 a.m. the average pharmacokinetic parameters of lidocaine are as follows: Vd = 77 L; Cl = 640 ml/min; t½ = 1,8 hrs. What is the expected steady-state plasma concentration?

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