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Hydrogen subatoms and nuclear transmutation of elements

Неволин В.К.

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Название издания: Hydrogen subatoms and nuclear transmutation of elements

Автор: Неволин В.К.

Издательство: Издательский дом Академии Естество­знания

Год издания: 2023

ISBN: 978-5-91327-778-7

The subatomic state of hydrogen is a new previously unknown state of hydrogen, predicted on the basis of many years of theoretical research. These hydrogen atoms in bas 30-23_Неволин ic condition are characterized by a more compact localization and, as experiments show, can contrib- ute to the experimentally proven nuclear transmutation of elements, that makes it possible to create new low-temperature nuclear energy sources without the use of radioactive materials. Hydrogen in the subatomic state contributes to the maintenance and development of the natural surroundings by participating in nuclear transmutations. Hydrogen subatoms can also play a signifi- cant role in biological systems for the reproduction of elements necessary for growth and develop- ment by transmutation of nuclei. In particular, new experiments have shown that hydrogen subatoms initiate gamma radiation during photosynthesis in deciduous plants and yeast metabolism. The collection of articles illustrates an approach based on solving a number of well-known problems of quantum mechanics in the representation of probability density and comparing solutions with the results of wave representation, that made it possible to eliminate a number of existing con- tradictions and obtain several new results, including a description of hydrogen subatoms. This final collection of articles hopefully reflects progress in understanding the subatomic state of hydrogen. The collection of articles is intended for graduate students and young researchers who have previously studied quantum mechanics, and who certainly want to work with the subatomic states of hydrogen

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